Medical Management

Medical Management helps you navigate all facets of the healthcare arena. From working with you to stay on track with personal wellness goals, to managing unexpected health care needs, to coaching and support for chronic health concerns. Medical management is here to work with you and your health care providers to ensure you receive the most appropriate care in a safe, quality oriented, timely and cost efficient manner.

Behavioral Health Management (image title)

Behavioral Health Management

Behavioral Health Management focuses on improving the quality of life for people suffering from mental health or substance abuse issues. As with most physical conditions, mental health conditions are diagnosable and treatable. Our Behavioral Health Management Department allows us to coordinate our members' overall care, as part of a well-integrated approach to health.

Care Management (image title)

Care Management

Care Management provides a support system to help you manage your healthcare and to navigate the often-complex healthcare process.

Pharmacy Management (image title)

Pharmacy Management

Our members look to Blue Cross of Idaho to help them learn more about medications they need for a healthy lifestyle. Our Pharmacy Management teams offer tools, services and information to help make sense of formulary and prescription options.

Population Health Management

Population Health

For members eligible for Population Health services, our goals are to help you have a better understanding of your health and to support you in making changes to improve your health. Depending on your coverage with Blue Cross of Idaho, our health coaching programs may be included at no additional cost to you.

Quality Management (image title)

Quality Management

Blue Cross of Idaho's Quality Management Program maintains a comprehensive formal process for continuous monitoring, evaluation and improvement in the quality of clinical care and services provided to its members.

Spine Centers of Excellence (image title)

Spine Centers of Excellence

Chronic low back pain is a common ailment affecting men and women of all ages. Though most low back injuries improve with rest, medication or therapy, there are other courses of action that can ease symptoms. To help members explore all treatment options, Blue Cross of Idaho developed the Spine Centers of Excellence program.